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Belajar Tes Potensi Akademik - Gratis
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Academic Potential Test (TPA) is a test that aims to identify talent and ability in the field of science (academic). This test is also often associated with intelligence. Academic Potential Test is also identical to the test GRE (Graduate Record Examination) who have become international standards.

Currently, the landfill has become a standard test screening of candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS), recruitment of private sector employees, and employees of SOEs. Even the promotion level managers in various companies also require employees to reach the landfill with a certain minimum score. Academic Potential Test is also commonly used as an admission test for the level of S2 and S3.

Meanwhile, Test of Academic Potential typically have four types of questions. That is, tests of verbal or linguistic, numeric or numeric tests, logic tests, and tests of spatial or image.

Verbal tests to measure a person's ability to function in the field of words and language. These tests include a test of synonyms (synonym), test antonyms (opposite words), tests the relationship equivalent of the word, and word grouping test.

The test measures a person's ability to function numbers in numeric fields, within the framework of a structured and logical mathematical thinking. This test covers arithmetic test (count), a test series of numbers, the letter series test, logic test numbers and test figures in the story.

Logic function tests measure a person's ability in reasoning and problem solving in a logical or reasonable. The test logic includes a general logic tests, test statement analysis and conclusions (syllogism), the test logic and test logic diagram story.

While the test or tests of spatial images, serves to measure the power of logic one's own space. These tests include tests matching relationship drawings, series of test images, test image clustering, image and test image test image. identification

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