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(Author: Drs. Asep Rusmana, SH.)

Academic Potential Test is actually not the kind of tests that included difficult though thought of as a difficult test for most people. But really, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you in the face of this landfill. Among others are:

  1. Practice questions landfill as much as possible. And obey the constraints of time in working out the existing landfill. It is important to familiarize yourself to work quickly solve these problems. If you do not comply with these time limits, you'll get used to doing it with ease and in a long time. If this happens, then when you actually do the problems the landfill, then you'll have trouble setting time. Exercise matters landfill as much as possible will make you familiar with various types and models of matter. Your analysis in working on these problems will also increase along with the amount of exercise you do.

  2. In TPA tests, tests given numbers generally are numbers that can be done without having to use certain mathematical formulas are complicated. Therefore, you need not memorize a variety of mathematical formulas are complicated to deal with TPA test, precisely because it would cost you only. What is needed is a structured logical thinking. With lots of practice problems, logical thinking you will be helped to become more structured so that allows you to work on similar problems quickly and correctly.

  3. When you are working on landfill issues, Condition yourself in a state of full concentration. But relax. Not tense. No panic. Tension will only make your brain energy quickly depleted. Panic makes you do the problems in a careless and hasty. So easily fooled by a quick answer right.

  4. Try not to indulge your curiosity on a particular matter. This is very dangerous. Curiosity of a particular problem (usually occurs in numerical problems or numbers) make time to do the problems you drained it. Not to mention your energy also decreased significantly. Plus emotion will also rise, if it is then you have failed to find the answer. Remember that every item about the landfill has the same weight value. So do not waste time just to indulge your curiosity is.

Frequently read newspapers, especially in the editorial columns to add your insight in the sub-type test TMM (Test Papers Understanding).

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