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Are you having trouble focusing on your SAT preparation? Are you being cowed by the clock? Do seeming unanswerable questions trap you down? In order to keep the stress at bay you need to keep a balanced approach towards test taking. Even if you study, prepare and organize well, the anxiety of taking the actual test can be actually overwhelming. You need additional grounding to deal with it and the simplest way to manage your anxiety is to identify what exactly stresses you and then focus on the problem systematically.
Here are some simple mind tricks to keep your mind clear as you approach the SAT taking day.

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1) Managing your Time: If it is the clock that intimidates you, you need have a better time management practice in place. To do this, use your SAT practice tests. Set the timer with each allotted practice paper and tackle one section at a time. Remember that every question is worth the same amount. It makes no sense to spend more time on a question that you would probably get wrong. In any case, you can still score high even if some questions you don't get right. Hence move ahead and don't get jammed, this will prepare you mind to think quicker and manage your time more efficiently with each subsequent Practice Test.
2) JUST DO IT!: is a powerful tool for self suggestion. Self suggestion is the closest tool of things happening your way. Think of SAT as just another cool test. Approach it in a confident manner and do not overwhelm yourself with a larger than life depiction of it. It is easy. 3) Pranayama, the Art of Breathing Deep and Slow, executed as a popular exercise in Yoga to relax your tense brain muscles. It acts as the life-force that pervades the body. Because it is connected on one side with the body and on the other side with the mind it helps develops a steady mind, strong will-power, and sound judgment. So don't forget to breathe. Focus on taking slow deep breaths and give your mind time to recuperate.
4) It is not a Do or Die Situation Too many students approach the SAT with this gigantic burden on their backs. Yes, this is an important test. Yes, it will partially determine if your get into a good college.But this is not a "do or die" situation that has approached to doom you into lifelong misery.
5) Counseling centers are a good source for help with test anxiety. Closer home, you can talk to your parents, friends you can confide into. Therapy, as in group or individual has shown to be very effective in aiding students who need help taking these exams. If you are interested in counseling, your guidance counselor should be able to point you in the right direction.
6) No Last Minute Cramming: Last minute cramming for any exam only increases anxiety and can lead to a general brain freeze. 7) Reward Yourself So the SAT Test is tomorrow, you've worked hard, prepared and would give your best on the day. So spare the moment, go out for a movie, prepare a nice meal, watch TV, have a little fun...and simple unwind.The key to success on any test, and in life, is to break your goals down to smaller undertakings and then reward yourself for each step you take. And when the remarkable scores are achieved and the university letters of acceptance start coming in the mail, then you can celebrate more.

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