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If the inner workings of the brain fascinate you or if you are interested in the various mental processes taking place in the brain, then a career in psychology could be your future. The field of psychology deals with various motivations that compel us to take actions appropriate to the situations. In other words, psychology is about the study of human mind and guessing about intricacies of human brain. Online bachelor's degree in psychology can expand and increase the critical thinking ability of the student. The educational qualification required by the students so as to pursue a career in psychology is high school diploma.
The students should have aptitude and passion for the subject and a mind capable of critical thinking. The course curriculum includes training on understanding the human nature and human mind. Online course curriculum is designed such that the students get a clear idea about applied psychology and theoretical psychology.
There are two types of online bachelor degree programs in psychology offered online:

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Bachelor of Arts in psychology - this course is for those who want to pursue psychology with focus on social - services aspects of the field or those who want to go for master's degree in psychology.
Bachelor of Science in psychology - this course follows a business track, and those who are interested in psychological aspects of business such as human resources, management, and leadership development and marketing, this is the right course for you.
After completing the online bachelor's degree in psychology, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you. Doing research on this field can increase your job opportunities and significantly increase your knowledge in this field.

List of Online Schools or Universities Offering Degree in Psychology
Grand Canyon University, Phoenix
Kaplan University, Chicago
City University of Seattle Online, Seattle
Ashford University, Clinton
Liberty University, Virginia
Ellis College, Chicago
Capella University, Minneapolis

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