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Problem exercises Academic Potential Test (TPA) SNMPTN 2012 intended for the Gaza SNMPTN examinees Science, Social Studies, and IPC (Mixture Sciences - Science and Social Studies). Academic potential test (TPA) was first tested in the National Selection of Higher Education (SNMPTN) 2009. TPA SNMPTN demanding natural abilities of participants. TPA can be trained, but difficult to memorize. This test is very good for measuring the academic ability of prospective students. TPA was also able to measure the ability of students to communicate and reason. But according to the Committee SNMPTN TPA can not be taught tutoring. If you want to teach, as it must educate for life.

Presence of TPA is one of progress in the implementation of the exam SNMPTN 2009, in addition to a mechanism different weighting values​​. Weighting value the holistic demands the ability of participants SNMPTN. SNMPTN committee believes that the new test model is capable of producing quality students.

Download Links Drill of Soal Snmptn 2012

Download Soal Part 1
Download Soal Part 2

Defined by the Committee SNMPTN 2011, as well as SNMPTN 2010 and 2009 that test results are given different weights SNMPTN. To test the potential of academic weight of 30 percent and 70 percent field of study. Weighting was distinguished by an existing course practice exams, such as sports studies program and the arts.

Meanwhile, the weights to test the potential of academic and field study determined 60 percent, while for the practice test weight is set at 40 percent.

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