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Psychology is a field of interest to many college students. In fact, psychology degrees are increasing in popularity both in college locations and online programs. Why not take an Intro to Psychology class to see if this field is right for you? Intro to Psychology is a course commonly taken by many college students online and off, even if they are not majoring in the field. This course is a great elective to take, since it will enhance your understanding of the human mind, its functions, and its disorders. For many students who are interested in psychology, taking classes in this subject as electives or even for a minor is often a good idea, especially if students are unsure that a career in the field is the right choice for them.
It is important to ask yourself, when considering a degree in psychology, whether or not you are willing to pursue graduate work in this subject. After all, most careers in this field require a graduate degree. If you want to be a clinical or research psychologist, for example, you will need a PsyD or a PhD. Is a lengthy advanced degree program in your plans? If not, then getting an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree in psychology may not be the best plan.
Also ask yourself the reasons for your interest in psychology. It is an area of popular interest due to its portrayal in movies, television, and books, but the reality is that a career may not be as exciting as what you have seen in the media. Pursue a psychology degree if you have a true understanding of the challenges and rewards of this field.
An Intro to Psychology class should give you a realistic idea of what to expect in the remainder of your studies in this field. You'll want to experience a challenging curriculum. It is also important that you take the time to learn about what a degree in this field entails and what your career options are.
If you have questions regarding your aptitude for a psychology degree or the applications of this degree, approach a faculty advisor or a professor in the department of your college or university to discuss your concerns. Your advisor may be able to help you better evaluate your personal interests and determine whether or not you are cut out for this career path.
If you do decide to earn a degree in psychology, you have many excellent options. Campus-based programs and online degree programs alike will give you the foundation you need for advanced work in this area of study.
Whether or not this ends up being the major that is right for you, taking a course in psychology is a great way to explore your interest in this field. It will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on whether or not a degree in this field or just the occasional elective course is the best way to fulfill your fascination with psychology. If you excel in this field, perhaps you can find a scholarship program.

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